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Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Area

Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Area
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Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Area” bike kingdom, through which the Eastern Green Velo Bike Trail passes, is comprised of the most interesting sections of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. Numerous ranges prevail in this picturesque landscape. Stretching from East to West, they are mostly covered with forests and are divided by deep valleys. The striped fields below, characteristic of this area, are well visible from the highest viewpoints and mountain slopes.

This kingdom differs from others due to its unique set of natural values. In the very heart of the region is Świętokrzyski National Park with its distinctive stone run boulders. Dotted around the National Park are Landscape Parks containing precious nature reserves. This land is undeniably a geologist’s paradise, where rocks from all geological periods lie together in a relatively confined space.

This remains a natural region, famous for its untouched landscapes, its well-managed reservoirs in Sielpia, Borkowo and Chańcza, and its wonderful clean air, which is excellent as an aid to rest and recreation.

As far as culture and history are concerned, the kingdom of “Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Area” is rich in both, due to its preserved heritage and traditions. In many places relics and other traces of the ancient Jews, Arians and Poles who lived there are still visible. The area boasts historical sites representing architectural styles from throughout history - from early Romanism to contemporary architecture. There are a number of churches with preserved Romanesque parts, as well as Gothic, Baroque and Classical buildings - both sacral and secular (mansions, palaces and castles). Objects connected with the industrial heritage of the region form a separate group of relics. These are mostly connected with the Staropolski Industrial Region and with limestone, copper ore, lead, and sandstone extraction from the area’s numerous quarries.

The entire ”Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Area” bike kingdom is well served by a multitude of cycle routes to suite all tastes. The Eastern Green Velo Bike Trail is well marked, which makes for the safe and easy passage of cyclists. This part of the trail is suitable for families with children, individual cyclists and seniors. There are frequent opportunities to leave the main Green Velo trail to see some of the other sights in the area, notably around Końskie, Kielce, Bieliny, Daleszyce and Raków. Off-road lovers will easily find the many excellent mountain trails on which to test their MTB skills. Simply riding off the main Green Velo trail, for example in Kielce, will lead to the popular slopes of Telegraf or Pierścienica where riders will soon find themselves speeding downhill, high on adrenaline. Most bike trails here run through forested areas on dirt and forest roads, and along local or county roads usually with only light traffic. Off the main trail, roads are predominately marked with standard PTTK signs.

Riders who would like to stay for a night or two can take advantage of the large range of accommodation facilities, which includes high standard hotels and guesthouses, as well as the cheaper, but still first-rate, youth hostels and agrotourism farms. The local cuisine is excellent too and dishes served in farms, inns and bars are prepared using local products and traditional recipes.

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