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Cyclist-Friendly Places

June 30, 2017

Cyclist-Friendly Places (CFPs) are an important element of the concept of the development of the tourism product "East of Poland Cycling Trail Green Velo". The idea of CFPs is to establish lasting cooperation with entities offering accommodation services and catering, and with managers of tourist attractions. This pioneering solution in Poland aims to create a unified system of services for cycling tourists. The model of cooperation provides for the selection of facilities through a transparent recruitment carried out on the basis of very detailed regulations.

Entities interested in obtaining a CFP recommendation agree to a number of commitments set out in the regulations, within the range of free services for cycling tourists. This significantly broadens the scope and availability of tourist services on the Green Velo trail.

 The portal features a search engine of accommodations, restaurants, tourist attractions, tourist information centres and other facilities that have services dedicated to cyclists in their offer. In these places you can eat, sleep and explore, without worrying about the safety of your bike and luggage.

 Each facility offering cyclist-friendly services receives an entry into the database containing complete information about that facility. Furthermore, the facility is specially marked on the list with the title “Cyclist-Friendly Place". A range of conveniences for cyclists will also be assigned to the facility, and available in the filters to search for facilities.     


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