Angels Factory


Distances from the Green Velo
25.05 km
Siostrzytów 208
Phone number:
Facilities for cyclists

Angels factory is located in Siostrzytów in Trawniki Commune, 30 km from Krasnystaw. It’s one of the six facilities comprising Ecological Museum “Gardens of Art in the Giełczewska Upland”. The factory is a unique sculpture workshop where the nearly forgotten profession of sculptor, and passion of a storyteller can meet.

Kazimierz Pawelec is a retired teacher and wood sculptor who tells wonderful stories about his works. His workshop is located 100 m from S12 road, 50 m from the train station in Biskupice Lubelskie and 500 m from the main axis of the Greenways “Eastern Heritage” trail. Mr. Pawelec is often called the “Angel man” because he sculpts mainly angels. He’s been sculpting in wood for over 40 years. He primarily sculpts angels and that’s the area of his expertise. He’s also involved in artistic carpentry and carving reliefs. His home serves also as a sculptor's, painter’s and carpenter’s workshop. He offers classes for organised groups and individual visitors. He coperates with clients from France, the USA, England, Russia, Denmark, the Netherlands or Belgium on an ongoing basis.

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