Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

August 1, 2017

The owner of WSCHODNI SZLAK ROWEROWY GREEN VELO (Eastern Green Velo Cycle Route) Service has great respect for its users and attaches great importance to respecting the rights they are entitled to, with particular emphasis on the right to privacy. Therefore, we collect only essential information about the users of our service, in order to help us understand better their needs and to improve the service, its functionality and ergonomics to their changing expectations. For this purpose, we collect, amongst other information, personal data of the users. In order to accurately explain the principles and mechanisms used in collecting and processing personal data of the users, we have created this Privacy Policy.

WSCHODNI SZLAK ROWEROWY GREEN VELO (Eastern Green Velo Cycle Route) collects personal information and other data which does not have such an attribute. Depending on the type of data collection takes place, either on the initiative of the user or automatically.

It should be emphasized that the user, by using the services in any way, accepts the principles contained in this Privacy Policy.

Data collected automatically:

When a user visits the website, data on their visit, i.e. their IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type, are collected automatically. This data does not allow for the unequivocal identification of an individual user.

Data collected when the user contacts the service:

When the user contacts the Service in order to perform some activities (e.g. to make a complaint) engaging with the website, telephone or e-mail, again, we, as the service, will need the user’s personal information in order to confirm the identity and to facilitate our response.  It concerns the same data that has already been given by the user. Re-transmission of personal data is not mandatory, but it may be necessary for the user to undertake certain transactions or to obtain specific knowledge of user information.

Data usage:

Personal information that has been provided by the user, and to which processing the user has agreed, will be processed by the service only to the extent and for the purpose included in the consent or permitted by law. Data collected automatically will be used to analyze users’ behavior on websites or to gather demographic information about users of the service. The data collected in the course of correspondence between the user and Green Velo Service will only be used to help making the correct, complete and efficient answer to the user’s query. In case of violation of terms of the service, either in combination with a violation of the law, or without such a violation, Green Velo Service is required to provide data, including personal information, to the judicial authorities in the cases provided by law.

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