"Across Knyszyński Forest" (Section Białystok - Lagoon Czapielówka) Bicycle Trail

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distance(km) height n.m.m.
48.8 km
for whom
For occasional cyclists
for intermediate
0.76 %
Highest point
172 m
Lowest point
116 m
Sum of driveways
369 m
Sum of downhill
397 m
High slope sections
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Białowieża Forest and Knszyn Forest
Białystok, wschodni skraj miasta - park przy ul. 49 Pułku Piechoty
Okolice Zalewu Czapielówka w Czarnej Białostockiej

Spanning around 50 kilometres, the “Through the Knyszyn Forest” trail is a fragment of the PTTK (Polish Tourism and Sightseeing Society) trail from Białystok to Osowiec (approximately 200 km). This section also functions as a local route, departing from Białystok via Królowy Most and Supraśl to Czarna Białostocka. As the name implies, it traverses extensive forests. It has very good marking, consisting of painted blazes and signs showing directions. The route mainly follows good dirt roads, almost devoid of car traffic. The terrain is flat, making it a leisure route, with points of elevation found only in the northern part of the trail.


The general course of the trail is as follows: Białystok, park in 49 Pułku Piechoty street (0.0 km): Królowy Most (16.0 km) - Supraśl (28.5 km) - Czarna Białostocka (46.7 km) - Czapielówka artificial lake (48.8 km).


The trail begins in the eastern outskirts of Białystok, in the park located in 49 Pułku Piechoty street. From here, it heads straight to the east, in the direction of the Knyszyn Forest (Puszcza Knyszyńska), which it traverses to reach a well-known village in the forest, Królowy Most. While there, it’s worth seeing the stone Orthodox church and the chapel. From there, along the Płoska River, the trail turns north, and after a little over 10 km it reaches the town of Supraśl. This is by far the most interesting stop on the trail. It stands out with its traditional, low, wooden houses, its cobbled streets, and the atmosphere of peace and quiet. It is dominated by the towers of the Orthodox monastery, reconstructed after the war, which today features a formidable museum of icons. You can easily spend 2-3 hours visiting the town and the museum. After that, you can relax on the beach at the artificial lake on the Supraśl River, or continue sightseeing.  The trail then heads to the north-east, taking the road to Krynki. After a few kilometres, it turns north again and delves into the forest. This stretch is more hilly, and the dirt road takes you to the village of Czarna Białostocka. From here, you can go back by train to Białystok, or relax on the Czapielówka lake and continue the journey using the trail in the direction of the Biebrza River Valley.


Points of interest along the trail:

  1. Knyszyn Forest Landscape Park
  2. Królowy Most: Orthodox church, chapel, wooden architecture
  3. Supraśl: architectural monuments, Museum of Icons, city architecture, artificial lake, Supraśl River Valley
  4. Czarna Białostocka: Czapielówka artificial lake

The entire trail is suitable for bicycles with panniers/bike trailers. The trail is separated from vehicle traffic and only uses only safe bicycle crossings on public roads, separated bike paths and roads with no car traffic, dirt roads, forest paths, etc. Recreational character.


Starting point:

Białystok, eastern edge of the city – park in 49 Pułku Piechoty street

Finishing point:

Near the Czapielówka lake in Czarna Białostocka


Places along the trail (1)

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