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distance(km) height n.m.m.
13.0 km
for whom
For occasional cyclists, For lovers of cultural heritage
for beginners
0.7 %
Highest point
177 m
Lowest point
151 m
Sum of driveways
90 m
Sum of downhill
91 m
Connected with GreenVelo
Białowieża Forest and Knszyn Forest
stacji paliw przy wjeździe do Białowieży od strony Hajnówki
skrzyżowanie z drogą 689 za przysiółkiem Podolany

Spanning 13 kilometres, this short, recreational route goes around Białowieża. The trail is perfectly marked, and easy enough for children. Along the way, you can see all the major attractions of the village of Białowieża, and a small piece of the Białowieża Forest (Puszcza Białowieska). In its entirety, the trail uses paved roads and rural dirt roads within the village and in its surrounding area, with a speed limit applicable in built-up areas. The trail is especially recommended for families with children and bike trailers for kids.  The trail starts by the gas station at the main road into Białowieża coming from Hajnówka. It passes next to the Białowieża Pałac railway station, which was built specially for the Tsar family, and has recently been restored. The nearby car park at the entrance to the park has a tourist information point, food places, bathrooms, and other tourist services.  The trail circles the Palace Park, where once there was a mighty Tsar’s residence, which unfortunately burned down at the end of World War II. Many elements of the former palace complex have survived: the wooden Governor’s Palace, the brick house at the gate and some other buildings. On the hill where the Palace used to stand in the past, there is an interesting museum of natural history. You can also see some beautiful old trees, fish ponds and numerous monuments. The trail follows the edge of the park, but be sure to see the interior of the park as well. Next, the trail approaches the brick Orthodox church of Cyril and Methodius, also built specially for the Tsar’s family.  Past the church, the trail takes Tropinka street, which is one of the two main streets in Białowieża. Along the way, you will pass characteristic small wooden houses, whose uniform single architecture and colours contribute to the charm of this village. The trail takes you to a smaller park next to a forestry secondary school. Several interesting trees are there too that are also worth seeing. In the forest towards the border, there’s a forester’s lodge called Dziedzinka. It’s here that Simona Kossak, a famous biologist and populariser of the Białowieża Forest nature and its protection, lived for a number of years.  The route goes south, next to the Catholic church of St. Theresa. It passes by a large hotel and goes over the bridge on the Narewka, whose upper reaches (towards the border) form a nature reserve known as “Wysokie Bagno” (“High Marsh”). Then the trail goes to the railway station of Białowieża Towarowa. The building, which was in ruins, has been turned into an exclusive restaurant and comfortable guest accommodation. You can spend the night in rooms arranged in the old water tower or in the train cars from the times of Imperial Russia. This is also the parking place for draisines, as these tracks have not seen any trains from Hajnówka for a long time.  The trail continues to the hamlet of Podolany and leaves the Białowieża Clearing (Polana Białowieska) for a while, delving into the forest. It passes by old oaks and arrives at the “Jagiellońskie” environmental education centre. The trail ends on the road to the border past the education centre. You can go back to Białowieża using the cross-border yellow trail (approximately 3 km) or take a trip to Belarus.  The border can be crossed at the tourist border crossing for pedestrians and cyclists, which does not require a visa, and visit the beautiful, Belarusian part of the forest. You will find paved roads of excellent quality there, devoid of any traffic. Keep in mind that without a visa may not go further than the Belarusian town Kamieniec/Kamieniuki.


Points of interest along the trail:

  1. Białowieża Forest
  2. Palace Park and monuments in the park
  3. Orthodox church 3. Catholic Church
  4. Park Dyrekcyjny (National Directorate Park)
  5. Białowieża Towarowa Station
  6. Narewka River

The entire trail is suitable for bicycles with panniers/bike trailers. The trail uses solely roads with no motor vehicle traffic allowed or local roads with a low and very low vehicle traffic; no dangerous intersections. Recreational character. Trail of outstanding cultural heritage value.


Starting point:

The trail starts at the gas station at the main road into Białowieża coming from Hajnówka.

Finishing point:

Intersection with road 689 past the hamlet of Podolany




Places along the trail (1)

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