From Janów Podlaski to the Sanctuary in Leśna Podlaska


distance(km) height n.m.m.
54.6 km
for intermediate
Trip info:
Approximate driving time with sightseeing
390 min
Highest point
178 m
Lowest point
122 m
Bug River Valley
Janów Podlaski (Historical Petrol Station at 1 May Street
Janów Podlaski (Historical Petrol Station at 1 May Street

The Bike kingdom of Bug River Valley abounds with many beautiful places. These include, among others, interesting Catholic and Orthodox churches in Stary Pawłów, Stary Bubel and Gnojno, which can be seen during this trip. One of the most interesting buildings on the route is a magnificent palace in Konstantynów, dating back to the 18th century. The main destination of the trip is Leśna Podlaska, where a famous Marian shrine is located. Janów Podlaski is the starting and end point of the excursion. Its history is told by many monuments located here.

The beginning of the journey is in Janów Podlaski. In Wygoda, 2 kilometres away to the north, is the Arabian horse stud farm. You can get there following Piłsudskiego Street and Krzyształowicza Street. From Janów Podlaski go further to Stary Pawłów and Stary Bubel. A few kilometres past these you reach Gnojno, from where an asphalt road leads to Konstantynów, along the Stary Las Nature Preserve. The main goal of the tour is a Marian sanctuary in Leśna Podlaska. Next, through Bukowice Kolonia and Ossówka reach the road from Biała Podlaska to Janów Podlaski, which you should take to return to the starting point of the trip.


  • Janów Podlaski (0 km)
  • Stary Pawłów (1 km)
  • Stary Bubel (8 km)
  • Gnojno (10 km)
  • Konstantynów (20 km)
  • Leśna Podlaska (33 km)
  • Ossówka (43 km)
  • Zaborek (51)
  • Janów Podlaski (55 km)

Route option:
From Leśna Podlaska, head towards Witulin and then to Ossówka. The route from Ossówka to Janów Podlaski runs as in the basic variant.


  • Asphalt: 95%
  • Dirt roads: 5%

The route is marked:

  • Janów Podlaski – Gnojno: Green Velo
  • The remaining part of the route: the network of Southern Podlasie Cycling Routes

Tourist attractions on the trial:

  • Janów Podlaski – a quiet town located on the Bug River. Its history is told by the numerous monuments, such as the 1770 Baroque palace of the bishops of Łuck, the Baroque Church of the Holy Trinity and the building of the former seminary.
  • Wygoda – the history of the world famous Arabian horse stud farm dates back to 1817.
  • Stary Pawłów and Stary Bubel – preserved in the villages are antique wooden temples.
  • Gnojno – the local landmark is the brick church of St Anthony of Padua, built in the second half of the 19th century as an Orthodox church.
  • Konstantynów – the local landmark is the brick church of St Anthony of Padua, built in the second half of the 19th century as an Orthodox church.
  • Marian shrine in Leśna Podlaska – in 1683, two boys herding cattle found a glowing image of the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus on a wild pear tree. The place soon became famous for miracles and caused such an influx of the faithful that a parish was founded as early as 1695. Five years later, the Pauline Fathers from Częstochowa founded a monastery here and began the construction of the great basilica church. On the main altar there is a stone bas-relief of the miraculous image. Second to Kodeń, Leśna Podlaska is the most important centre of Marian devotion in Podlasie.
  • Zaborek – a complex of historic wooden buildings (among others: the church, rectory, manor house and windmill), currently adapted for the needs of the hotel.
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