Around the Lonely Seats of the Bug Land


distance(km) height n.m.m.
38.8 km
for intermediate
Trip info:
Approximate driving time with sightseeing
240 min
Highest point
231 m
Lowest point
171 m
Wola Uhruska, Historic Water Tower
Wola Uhruska, Historic Water Tower

A trip through the unspoiled Bug River Valley terrain, beautiful sights, deserted picturesque villages of eastern Poland, where valuable sacred sites have been preserved, including Catholic and Orthodox churches and paintings, among others in Kosyń or Uhrusk.

The trip leads along the trail of the old settlers. Travelling through the pristine Bug River-adjacent terrain, among the locations of incredible archaeological finds, wooden buildings and unique sacred historical monuments will let you catch your breath and rest from the noise of everyday life.

The route starts in Wola Uhruska by the historical water tower. Riding on the Green Velo trail, you will pass the characteristic Bug oxbow and reach the town of Stulno. Next, you will pass railroad tracks and enter the Sobibór Landscape Park, where you should follow the wooded asphalt road that leads for approximately 4 km to the village of Kosyń. Among the numerous wetlands, the road then takes you to the town of Łukówek. On the way, you will pass roadside crosses, Macoszyn Mały and Bukowo Wielkie. The sight of the palace means that you are approaching the most important part of the trip – the town of Uhrusk. You come back on the Green Velo trail through sprawling meadows and farmland to Wola Uhruska. At the end, you can follow the route you just travelled from an observation tower with a beautiful view onto the Bug River valley and the surrounding area, or relax and take a rest at the guarded swimming area with a beach.


  • Wola Uhruska (0 km)
  • Stulno (7 km)
  • Kosyń (12 km)
  • Bukowa Wielka (24 km)
  • Łukówek (29 km)
  • Uhrusk (34 km)
  • Wola Uhruska (39 km)


  • Entire route: good quality asphalt

Partially marked route:

  • Part of the route: Green Velo trail
  • Red bike trail and yellow trail from Włodawa to Wola Uhruska

Tourist attractions on the trial:

  • Wola Uhruska – a popular resort and agrotourist town on the Bug River, neighbouring the Sobibór Forests. In the village there are many open-air sculptures, which are the crop of the annual artistic plen air.
  • Stulno – in the village, famous for its many stork nests, there are several farms from the interwar period of the 20th century and a wooden “koźlak”-type mill. At the forester’s lodge, the educational path “Stulno” begins, which reads to the Trzy Jeziora Preserve.
  • Kosyń – the St Stanislaus Kostka parish church, the old brick Orthodox church erected in the Byzantine-Ruthenian style at the end of the 19th century.
  • Macoszyn Mały and Bukowa Wielka – old farms, including wooden smithies from the interwar period of the 20th century.
  • Łukówek – a wooden Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help – an old Uniate church and currently a branch chapel of the parish in Uhrusk; historical cemeteries: Greek Catholic and military, as well as a roadside chapel of St Jan Nepomuk.
  • Uhrusk – the most important destination of the excursion with a Classicist palace-and-park complex from the end of the 19th century and Catholic and Orthodox churches, also from the 19th century.
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