Around Reservoirs in Roztocze


distance(km) height n.m.m.
42.0 km
4:50 hh
For advanced
Trip info:
Approximate driving time with sightseeing
360 min
Highest point
352 m
Lowest point
251 m
Market square in Józefów (City Hall)
Market square in Józefów (City Hall)

Roztocze is famous not only for its biggest exposure to sunlight in Poland, clean air, and rich forest areas, but also for its numerous water reservoirs and bathing beaches, which become increasingly popular. The trail of the trip runs around three most popular Roztocze reservoirs. The trail of the trip runs around three most popular water reservoirs in Roztocze: in Krasnobród, Majdan Sopocki and Józefów. It starts at the market square in Józefów, in the middle of which there is a monument commemorating heroes of World War II. Then the trail leads east on the fragment of a bike path constituting a part of the Green Velo trail, exceeds the city borders and turns left to the asphalt road leading to Krasnobród. On the way you will see the Wólka Husińska village along with the typical building development of this region. Then the trail runs through an extensive forest complex protected as Krasnobród Landscape Park. In the picturesque small town of Krasnobród there is a reservoir that attracts crowds of beachgoers on hot summer days. On the lakeside, there is a water sports equipment rental point and a water slide, and a sanatorium is open in the nearby park. Then, on a short yet steep section, the road leads to the observation tower from which a panorama of the lake and the surrounding area stretches out. Not far from it there is the Baroque Church of the Visitation of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. This sanctuary is located in the former Dominican monastery. We also recommend visiting the chapel on the water and the parish museum. After taking a rest on the water, you can continue your trip. Another village on the trail is Majdan Sopocki, situated around 12 km away. It can be accessed by a sandy forest path, which initially runs on the red cycling trail. On the way, it passes by the small village of Szur situated deep in the forest, from where the green trail leads towards the first buildings of Majdan Sopocki. The village is known mainly for a 16-hectare body of water situated picturesquely among pinetrees, along with a bathing area, an extensive beach and a pier. Along the banks of the Sopot river, the trail leads to Nowiny and to a quarry, from the top of which a panorama of the Solska Forest stretches out. A few kilometres away there is the Czartowe Pole (Devil’s Field) Reserve, which protects waterfalls of the watershed of the Sopot river and the ruins of the 18th-century paper mill of the Zamoyski family – the biggest one in the Kingdom of Poland. Józefów is reached by the Green Velo trail from the side of the former limestone quarry, over which there is another observation tower. In the town, it is worth visiting a 19th-century synagogue, a Jewish cemetery (kirkut) and a parish church. At the end of the trip, you can rest at the biggest recreation reservoir of Józefów.

Course of the trail:

  • Józefów – 0 km
  • Wólka Husińska – 11 km
  • Krasnobród – 16 km
  • Majdan Sopocki – 28 km
  • Nowiny – 33 km
  • Józefów – 42 km

Surface and marking of the trail:

The trail runs mainly on local asphalt roads. In the area of Józefów, the trail runs along a separate bike lane. Unsurfaced forest roads make up around 25% of the trail. The trail is partly marked on the basis of the Green Velo trail, the Central Cycling Trail of Roztocze and the green cycling trail.

Attractions on the trail:

  • Market square in Józefów
  • Synagogue in Józefów
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Józefów
  • Reservoir in Józefów
  • Babia Valley Quarry in Józefów
  • “Na Wodzie” [On the Water] Chapel of the Apparitions in Krasnobród
  • Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Krasnobród
  • Parish Museum in Krasnobród
  • Reservoir in Krasnobród
  • Reservoir in Majdan Sopocki
  • Czartowe Pole [Devil’s Field] Reserve
  • Ruins of the paper mill of the Zamoyski family near Józefów

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