Bolestraszyce - Arboretum And Forts Of The Przemyśl Fortress

Botanical Gardens

Carpathian Plateau
Distances from the Green Velo
0.02 km
Bolestraszyce 130
Phone number:
+48 16 671 64 25
Facilities for cyclists

In Bolestraszyce near Przemyśl, there is a wonderful arboretum with many plants that are valuable in terms of nature and that are endangered. Several thousand species, such as yew trees, magnolias, edible dogwoods, dawn redwoods and bald cypresses, are gathered on more than 20 hectares. There is a valuable collection of rhododendrons. You can admire old varieties of fruit trees, mainly apple trees.

The gardens are especially beautiful in early summer, during the flowering period. The history of the arboretum dates back to 1975. A mansion from the 18th century stands here, which today houses the museum exhibition and the educational room. They put on educational activities and, in September, the Dogwood Festival. There is also the largest of the forts of the Przemyśl Fortress – San Rideau, dating from the 1890s, in which 800 soldiers were stationed. During World War I, the fort was captured and blown up, leaving behind the ruins. The inside of the bunker is well preserved. The fort is a big attraction for lovers of militaria and history.

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