Graduation Towers In Sołonka

Historical Towns and Villages

Carpathian Plateau
Distances from the Green Velo
5.34 km
Phone number:
7 8503 914

The village of Sołonka is situated among the rolling hills of the Dynowskie Plateau. Its biggest attraction are springs of salt water coming from the Miocene period. The Carpathian brine deposits stretch across the entire Carpathian Plateau area. It’s origins are dated back to the 16th and 17th century.

A well with a depth of 25 meters, dating from 1596, was discovered here. You can see mining tools in the Regional Museum. Extraction was continued till the 17th century by the Ligęzas family, who sold salt at Rzeszów market square. In the mid-17th century, it ceased obtaining salt, and the well was filled up. From 1999-2001, the well was in private hands and was renovated. From 2009-2010, salt cascades in the manner of a health resort were created. In 2011, a second stone well from the 17th century was discovered in the graduation tower. The extracted brine contains a large amount of sodium iodide, bromides and chlorides.

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