Monastery In Jabłeczna

Sacral Monuments

Bug River Valley
Distances from the Green Velo
2.66 km
Jabłeczna 69, 21-515 Jabłeczna
Phone number:
+48 83 378 31 11

One of the most important and the oldest sites of the Orthodox Church in Poland, with the cult of St Onuphrius the Hermit growing continuously since at least the 15th century. According to legends, the secluded place on the Bug river meadows, approximately two kilometres away from the village Jabłeczna, was chosen by the saint himself. His icon is said to have floated here on the waters of the Bug.

The heart of the sanctuary is a Classical brick Orthodox church, topped with a gilded dome, erected between 1838–1840. The most eye-catching element of the temple’s decoration is the richly decorated 18th century iconostasis and the two older miraculous images – of St Onuphrius and the Theotokos. The church and convent complex is walled, with a gate topped by a gilded dome. Outside the buildings, there are two chapels from the early 20th century – in the vicinity of the church the Chapel of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary and on the meadows east of the monastery, the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. Every year on 24–25 June, thousands of pilgrims come to Jabłeczna to the indulgence day of St Onuphrius. They participate in the many hours of services in the church and in the processions to the chapels.

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