Baroque Mansion In Podzamcze Piekoszowskie

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Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Area
Distances from the Green Velo
0.09 km
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41 348 00 60

The village features the ruins of the Baroque mansion which once belonged to the Tarło family of the Topór coats of arms, one of the wealthiest aristocratic families in Poland at that time. The palace was built under the direction of Tomasz Poncino, and modelled on the Palace of the Kraków Bishops in Kielce.

The Palace was erected in the years 1645-1650 by Jan Aleksander Tarło for his wife Anna Czartoryska whom, as legend has it, he brought to the Palace in a sleigh. As it was summer, the road to the residence had to be sprinkled with salt. The Palace had many owners. Until 1945, it belonged to the Dobrzański family, relatives of the famous Major Hubal (a Polish guerrilla commander during the Second World War). Taken over by the state, the palace is increasingly falling into ruin.

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