Lidzbark Warmiński Municipality - Cycle Trail No. 4 - blue

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distance(km) height n.m.m.
30.6 km
for whom
For lovers of mountain biking
for intermediate
0.99 %
Highest point
132 m
Lowest point
44 m
Sum of driveways
268 m
Sum of downhill
280 m
High slope sections
Connected with GreenVelo
Warmia and the Area
Lidzbark Warmiński, northen part of the city, Dąbrowskiego Street and Polna Street Crossroad
Lidzbark Warmiński, eastern part of the city, Petrol Station on the road no. 51

The blue bike trail in the Lidzbark Warmiński Municipality is approximately 30 kilometres long, running from Lidzbark Warmiński to the sanctuary in the locality of Stoczek Klasztorny and back. It runs through picturesque, hilly areas, partly in the Łyna river valley. Due to its length, quite difficult to ride surfaces and considerable changes of elevation, it is recommended for more experienced cyclists on mountain bikes.


The general course of the trail is as follows: Lidzbark Warmiński, intersection of Dąbrowskiego and Polna streets - Koniewo (4.4 km) - Kotowo (10.7 km) - Łyna - Morawa (12.0 km) - Stoczek Klasztorny (20.0 km) - Kierwiny ( 23.0 km) - Sarnowo (26.5 km) - Lidzbark Warmiński, a filling station by national road no. 51 in the eastern part of the city (30.4 km).

The start and end of the route is in Lidzbark Warmiński. The city was granted town privileges in 1308. From the mid-14th century to the end of the 18th century it was the capital of the Warmia region - an important economic, cultural and religious centre. The city centre has a Medieval urban layout, there are city walls with a High Gate, historic buildings at the market square, including the 19th town hall. The most widely recognized monument of the city is the Castle of the Bishops of Warmia - one of the most valuable monuments of this type in Poland.

The first part of the trail runs in the valley of the Łyna River and accompanies the river for about 10 kilometres. Between the villages of Kotowo and Morawa, the route crosses the river, which is quite narrow at this place. Then the trail climbs to the edge of the valley and then runs to the locality of Stoczek Klasztorny through the fields.

There is a sanctuary of the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace, here. The foundation of this church is the result of the vows of the bishop of Warmia, Mikołaj Szyszkowski, concerning the departure of the Swedish army from the Warmia region in the 17th century. The Baroque rotunda was soon expanded, and a monastery was erected next to it. In 1953-1954 the locality of Stoczek Klasztorny was one of the four places of imprisonment of Primate Stefan Wyszyński. In his monastic cell an exhibition dedicated to the Primate of the Millennium was organized. The sanctuary is one of the places most frequently visited by faithful pilgrimage groups of the Warmia region, and at the same time the main point of interest on the trail.

At the locality of Stoczek Klasztorny, the route comes across the Green Velo trail, running from the city of Lidzbark to the former railway embankment. A return using this trail is an option to shorten the route of the bike trip, which may be convenient for less experienced cyclists. The route on the embankment is pebbled and almost flat, without road traffic. One can ride to the locality of Sarnów using the embankment (then the route will be shorter by 2 kilometres), or as far as to the city of Lidzbark. The distance between the village of Sarnowy and the centre of Lidzbark, no matter if we cover this section using the blue trail or the Green Velo trail on the railway embankment, is identical.

The trail continues running through the village of Kierwiny, from where it turns westwards, and runs back towards the city of Lidzbark. It reaches the village of Sarnowo, crossing the railway embankment. The rest of the route continues to the west, along the edge of the forest, parallel to the railway line. The trail ends in the eastern suburbs of the city of Lidzbark Warmiński.


Points of interest along the trail:

  1. Lidzbark Warmiński - urban layout, monuments
  2. Stoczek Klasztorny - sanctuary
  3. Picturesque views and peaceful areas

The entire trail is suitable for bicycles with panniers/bike trailers. The trail uses solely roads with no motor vehicle traffic allowed, or local roads with a low and very low vehicle traffic; no dangerous intersections. A trail for lovers of mountain biking and off-road cycling.

Starting point:

Lidzbark Warmiński, northern part of the city, intersection of Polna and Dąbrowskiego streets

Finishing point:

Lidzbark Warmiński, the eastern part of the city, a filling station by national road no. 51

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