Around Łomża Landscape Park of Narew Valley


distance(km) height n.m.m.
49.6 km
for intermediate
Trip info:
Approximate driving time with sightseeing
270 min
Highest point
124 m
Lowest point
95 m
Biebrza and Narew Valley
Łomża, by the river
Łomża, by the river

The route of the excursion leads around the Łomża Landscape Park of the Narew Valley. Travelling by bicycle, you can expect beautiful views, primordial nature, intense fatigue after covering the entire distance of the hilly path and, eventually, an opportunity to taste beer made in the local brewery.

The starting point of the cycling excursion is the bank on the Narew River in Łomża. You leave the city by riding down ul. Sikorskiego through the bridge from which a beautiful panorama of Łomża stretches out. Then you take the route towards Drozdowo. The road leads along the beds of the Narew to Bronowo village, where you cross the bridge. Here, it is worth stopping by a watchtower. At this point, the Koty – Bronowo natural path begins; it will overlap with the route of the excursion for the next few kilometres. From Koty village, you should head for Gać. In Gać, you should turn from the main road onto the field road, near which a war cemetery is situated. Then you follow the road in the hilly area through Pniewo village to Rybno. Before you reach Siemień Nadrzeczny, it is good to recover your strength, because the road will be very steep here. However, the reward is well worth the effort – after reaching the highest point, you will get an incredible view of the bends of the Narew. Near the view point, there are benches to rest on and a car park. A quick downhill ride will lead you to Stara Łomża. From there, you only have to ride 2 km to go back to the starting point of the excursion.


  • Łomża – Drozdowo (8 km)
  • Bronowo (19 km)
  • Gać (34 km)
  • Siemień Nadrzeczny (42 km)
  • Łomża (50 km)

Route options:
You can extend the route (9 km in one direction) by going to Wizna from Bronowo.


  • Asphalt roads: 85%
  • Paved country roads: 15%

Marked route:

  • Łomża – Bronowo: marked as the international cycling trail Euro Velo R11
  • Bronowo – Koty: natural trail
  • Gać – Łomża: green pedestrian route

Tourist attractions on the route:

  • Łomża – an expanded infrastructure for rest and recreation is available on the banks on the Narew River. Here you can take a longer moment to sightsee the city, the history of which dates back to the 9th century.
  • Drozdowo – currently the seat of the Museum of Nature; a manor house of the Lutosławski family, who made a very valuable contribution to the history of Poland, is located in the village. A close friend of the Lutosławski family was Roman Dmowski, who spent the last years of his life here.
  • Bronowo – behind the bridge, there is a watchtower and the Koty – Bronowo natural path begins. Wetland meadows are a favourite mating site for ruffs, particularly at the end of April and the beginning of May. It is an incredible bird show, during which small fervent males try to win the females’ favours. On the route of the natural path, you can find a few signboards drawing your attention to the most peculiar elements of the natural environment of the Narew Valley.
  • Gać – near the country road, there is an inconspicuous cemetery of German soldiers from World War I.
  • Rybno – in the winter, a ski lift operates here.
  • Stara Łomża – as the name (“Old Łomża”) suggests, it is the place where Łomża was originally located. You can also find here the remains of a huge hill-fort from the 11th century.
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