Green Velo

The Green Velo Trail

distance(km) height n.m.m.
2,095 km
for whom
For occasional cyclists, For lovers of cultural heritage, For lovers of beautiful views, For families with children, For lovers of nature, For lovers of mountain biking
Green Velo
Highest point
420 m
Lowest point
0 m

The Green Velo Trail - 2000 kilometres long and more than 2000 reasons to visit.

The Green Velo East of Poland Cycling Trail is the longest consistently marked cycle trail in Poland. It leads through picturesque areas of eastern Poland and along quiet asphalt roads. Many measures have been introduced along the trail to improve cyclist safety. The main route is 1885 kilometres long. Additional liaison trails are about 200 kilometres in length, and have similar markings to the main route.

New and rebuilt cycle paths, and pedestrian and bicycle trails account for about 300 kilometres of the route, and unpaved roads for around 150 kilometres. More than 30 bridges and footbridges have been created or renovated for the Green Velo Trail, and more than 20 key junctions have been rebuilt. 230 Cyclist Service Points have been constructed, each equipped with bicycle racks, sheds and benches, as well as with rubbish bins and information boards.

There are an additional 10,000 kilometres of other marked cycle routes along the trail, as well as hundreds of noteworthy tourist attractions. The route leads through five national parks and numerous landscape parks and nature reserves. Along the northern part of the trail, long sections have been laid on the embankments of former railway lines.

  • 1885 kilometres of the main route
  • Almost 200 kilometres of liaison trails
  • 300 kilometres of new and rebuilt cycle routes
  • More than 30 new and rebuilt bridges and footbridges
  • 230 Cyclist Service  Points

The trail has been divided into 12 so-called ‘bike kingdoms’. These are attractive regions where longer visits are the norm. Visitors can take advantage of over 100 one-day, weekend (or longer) cycling tours around the kingdoms of Eastern Poland - arguably the most beautiful parts of our country.

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