Kielce - Dobromyśl RED TRAIL

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distance(km) height n.m.m.
7.1 km
3:14 hh
for whom
For occasional cyclists
for beginners
Highest point
316 m
Lowest point
242 m
Sum of driveways
25 m
Sum of downhill
91 m
Connected with GreenVelo
0.35 %
Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Area
Kielce, ul. Podklasztorna, droga do klasztoru na Karczówce

The bike trail from Karczówki towards Szczukowice and Dobromyśl is one of the cycling routes signposted in Kielce, leading from the centre to the suburban areas. It is signposted in red, and it is 7 kilometres long, running from Karczówki in the western suburbs of Kielce, towards the localities of Szczukowice and Piekoszów.

The Karczówka Hill and the towers of the monastery and the church located on the top of it represent a characteristic landmark of the Kielce panorama. This mountain rises to 339 meters above sea level and is one of the Kadzielniański Range located in Kielce, a part of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. It is built of limestone and covered with pine trees. On the slopes of the mountain, lead was and limestone were mined. Here and there, there are still traces of mining activities ran centuries ago.

The Karczówka Monastery was built in the early 17th century. Despite its defensive nature, it was plundered by the Swedish armed forces during the Polish-Swedish war known as the Deluge, but the equipment was reconstructed and today the entire complex is of a historic character. The monastery is managed by the Pallottines and it offers, among other things, hotel accommodation.

The trail starts at the foothills of Mount Karczówka, on the road heading towards the former Bernardine monastery. The historical centre of Kielce is located below, to the east, in the Silnica valley. A botanical garden is currently under construction a little bit downstream.

The trail circles the hill from the north. A black trail runs along the hill towards the south, towards Białogon. The red trail runs west towards Pietraszki street. These are suburbs of Kielce, an area that is still partly agricultural, sparsely built-up with single houses. The route runs through forested hills, and quite sandy areas. There are numerous brooks in the area. The trail runs to Pietraszki street, along which the Green Velo bike trail was built. Both routes run together towards the locality of Szczukowice. In front of this village, the red route turns to the south, crossing the small Bobrza River near the Dobromyśl settlement.

At this point, the connecting route ends. You can continue the trip along the red trail to Piekoszów, or along the black rail get to the area of ​​the Nowiny and Zagrody villages, where there is a hub of routes running south of Kielce and towards the town of Chęciny.


Points of interest along the trail:

  1. Karczówka - a vantage point, the former Bernardine monastery

The trail runs only on roads without road traffic or on local roads with a low and very low volume of road traffic; no dangerous intersections. A recreational trail.


Starting point:

Kielce, Podklasztorna street, the road heading for the Karczówka Monastery

Finishing point:


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