"Nad Zalewem" Blue Bicycle Trail

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distance(km) height n.m.m.
25.9 km
for whom
For occasional cyclists
for beginners
0.59 %
Highest point
227 m
Lowest point
202 m
Sum of driveways
153 m
Sum of downhill
153 m
High slope sections
Connected with GreenVelo
Nielisz, przed Urzędem Gminy
Nielisz, przed Urzędem Gminy

The By the Artificial Lake Bike Trail is signposted in blue, running around the Nielisz artificial lake. It starts and ends in the locality of Nielisz, which is the centre of tourist activities on this water reservoir. The route is quite easy and it is 26 kilometres long, and it runs on asphalt roads as well as forest and field paths. Along the way, there are nice forests and lake views. A pleasant recreational route.


The general course of the trail is as follows: Nielisz (0.0 km) - Deszkowice Drugie (9.2 km) - Michałów (12.9 km) - Deszkowice Pierwsze (15.5 km) - Kulików, vantage point (19.7 km) - Nielisz (25.9 km).

The trail starts and ends in the tourist village of Nielisz. A dam on the Wieprza river was built here, thus forming the Nielisz artificial lake. This is the largest water reservoir in the Lublin region, covering an area of ​​950 hectares (almost 10 km2). It is used for water retention purposes, but is also eagerly used for tourism.

Nielisz is today a popular holiday resort with water sports equipment rentals, holiday cottages and accommodation. The attraction of the village is a wooden church from the 19th century.

The trail runs through the tourist town of Nielisz near the lake, and then plunges into a complex of mixed forests located on the east bank of the reservoir. Then it crosses the agricultural Wieprz river valley, passing the village of Michałów. In this town, the beautiful, unfortunately neglected, Baroque palace and park complex of the Zamojski family is noteworthy. This palace is called Klemensów, after the name of one of the members of this family. In this place, in 2013, the famous film "Ida" was shot.

The trail curves, turning from the Wieprz river valley to the north again. From here it runs along with the Green Velo route and runs to the village of Kulików, again on the shore of the lake.

Kulików is a very old village. The first mention of it comes from 1398, when it belonged to the domain of Dymitr of Goraj. At the end of the 16th century, it was incorporated into the Zamość Estate created by Jan Zamoyski. The Wieprz and Por river valleys were places of human settlement in prehistoric times.

To the west of the causeway, where there is a road, there is the backwater of the river Por. The main reservoir of Nielisz is located on the western side. The surroundings of the dikes are marshy, boggy soils that blend unnoticed into the lake. Fluctuations in the water level are related to the retention nature of the reservoir, where water is retained for periods of drought. The panorama of the area is best viewed from the vantage point, located on the causeway, together with the cyclist rest area on the Green Velo trail.

From this place, still along the lake, the trail returns to Nielisz, running in the last part of the causeway, which divides the Wieprz river valley, creating an earth dam. There are beautiful views of the lake from it.


Points of interest along the trail:

  1. The Nielisz artificial lake
  2. The locality of Kulików – vantage point
  3. The church in Nielisz
  4. A forest complex east of the artificial lake

The entire trail is suitable for bicycles with panniers/bike trailers. The trail uses solely roads with no motor vehicle traffic allowed, or local roads with  low and very low vehicle traffic; no dangerous intersections. A recreational trail.


Starting point:

Nielisz, in front of the Municipality Office

Finishing point:

Nielisz, in front of the Municipality Office


Places along the trail (1)

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