Among the Sunny Slopes of Chełmskie Hills


distance(km) height n.m.m.
35.3 km
4:50 hh
for intermediate
Trip info:
Approximate driving time with sightseeing
180 min
Highest point
275 m
Lowest point
182 m
Krasnystaw, Market Square
Krasnystaw, Market Square

A diverse family excursion, with the main attraction at the castle ruins in Krupe, where there is also an 18th century manor surrounded by park scenery and an Arian tomb on a hill beside the village. Another attraction is a stop in Siennica Różana, where you can, besides seeing the church and manor house, rest and enjoy the clean air at the reservoir and the sight of birds over the fishing ponds.

The excursion allows you to take a breather from the rush of everyday life and spend time with your loved ones. A fairly short distance, varied terrain and diverse attractions are incentives to take the trip together. The first section of the route, almost 14 km long, runs from the Krasnystaw town square to Siennica Różana along the Green Velo trail. It is very diverse in terms of nature, leading through deep ravines, sprawling meadows and forests. After passing by the ponds on both sides of the road, you will enter Siennica Różana. After a rest, you can continue towards the town of Krupe. On the way, you will pass the villa Stójło. After about 6 kilometres, you will reach the main attraction – the castle in Krupe. If you have more time, it is worth stopping by the nearby village Krynica. Travelling along the Arian Trail, you will return to the Krasnystaw town hall.


  • Krasnystaw (0 km)
  • Siennica Różana
  • (14 km)
  • Krupe (25 km)
  • Krasnystaw (35.4 km)


  • 30.4 km: good quality asphalt
  • 5 km: unpacked, even sand road

Partially marked route:

  • partially marked based on the Green Velo trail
  • Krasnystaw–Siennica Różana: Green Velo trail
  • Castle in Krupe–Krasnystaw: yellow Arian Trail

Tourist attractions on the route:

  • Krasnystaw – a former royal city and seat of the Bishops of Chełm, with a great former-Jesuit church and monastery, used in part by the Regional Museum.
  • Siennica Różana – a large village surrounded by sprawling meadows and ponds, famous for excellent fishing. East of the ponds is a reservoir, an ideal place to take a rest on the water. In the vicinity of the reservoir is a neo-Gothic church with an earlier Baroque and Rococo interior.
  • Stójło – a small village near an old sacred spot, developed into a grange.
  • Krynica – a wooded hill among the fields, called Arianka, with a mysterious stone construction shaped like a pyramid – most likely the tomb of the Orzechowski family from nearby Krupe.
  • Castle and Rej manor in Krupe – above the ponds stand the ruins of the Renaissance castle of the Orzechowski family from the turn of the 16th–17th centuries, and beside it in the park, the former Rej manor from the 18th–19th centuries.
  • „Krasnostawskie Chmielaki” – the annual August holiday of brewers and connoisseurs of beer, the largest in the country, with fairs, concerts and many other open-air events.
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