On the Pierścienica Top BLUE TRAIL

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distance(km) height n.m.m.
15.6 km
for whom
For lovers of mountain biking
for intermediate
1.19 %
Highest point
327 m
Lowest point
256 m
Sum of driveways
186 m
Sum of downhill
193 m
High slope sections
Connected with GreenVelo
Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Area
Kielce, pętla autobusowa przy ul. Obrzeżnej
Kielce, pętla autobusowa przy ul. Obrzeżnej

The blue bike trail around Mount Pierścienica is an excellent and well-signposted MTB route marked out in close proximity to the city of Kielce. It is 15 kilometres long and is a typical off-road, mountainous route, with numerous ascents and descents, and sections full of stones and roots. Dedicated to experienced cyclists on mountain bikes.

The trail is very well signposted. Really few cities in Poland can boast of this type of trail, specific to the mountains. In the case of the city of Kielce, this route is situated within the city limits, on the recreational grounds of the Leśny Stadium and the slopes of Pierścienica.


The general route of the trail is as follows: Kielce, bus terminal in  Obrzeżna street and Aleja na Stadion avenue, at the edge of the forest (0.0 km) – Obrzeżna street, turn into the forest (0.3 km) - forest road to the locality of Dyminy (1.3 km) - Biesak-Białogon Nature Reserve (8.6 km) – the Green Velo connecting route (10.3 km) – Biesak street, tennis courts (11.5 km) - Aleja na Stadion avenue, Jewish cemetery (12.1 km) – Szczepaniaka street, military base, stadium (12.7 km) - track and field stadium (13.4 km) – the Green Velo connecting route, Szczepaniaka street (13.8 km) - turn into the forest on the Green Velo connecting trail (14.0 km) - ropes course (14.4 km) - Kielce, bus terminal in Obrzeżna street and Aleja na Stadion avenue, at the edge of the forest (15.6 km).

The trail starts and ends at the edge of the forest in Aleja Na Stadion avenue, at the bus terminal. There is also a Green Velo trail and other local bike trails. The area is used for tourist and recreational purposes. The Leśny Stadium is nearby, featuring sports, recreational and catering facilities, serving as a suburban park.

The trail runs along the forest, along a dirt bike path in Obrzeżna street, next to the Green Velo trail. After 300 meters, it turns into the forest and runs uphill, to the slopes of Mount Pierścienica. It is 367 meters above the sea level, a forested peak of the Posłowice range surrounding the city of Kielce from the south. Once a ski jump was on the slope of Mount Pierścienica, now there is a ski slope with a length of 500 meters and a height difference of 58 meters, equipped with a ski lift. The entire area is protected as a landscape park, and the forests covering the hill are very wild; the proximity of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, neighboring directly with the large provincial town of Kielce, is unusual.

The trail turns south, then runs along the edge of the forest through the southern slopes of Mount Pierścienica. Arable land separates the forests from the buildings of the village of Sitkówka-Nowiny. The trail runs for a few kilometres along the slopes of Mount Pierścienica, and then in the valley between the mountain and the hill called Biesak. The terrain slowly descends towards the Silnica river valley, but the trail once again turns around the mountain, this time along its western slopes. A natural curiosity is the Biesak-Białogon nature reserve situated on the mountain slope. It is a former quarry in which there is a small lake.

The trail meets the bike path of the Green Velo connecting route and both routes run together towards Kielce, to Biesak street. From here, the path meanders among the sports facilities: tennis courts, an athletics stadium, the former horse race track, passing also the Jewish cemetery. There is also a ropes course and a large playground on the route. Along the way, it runs once again along the Green Velo connecting route. The route goes back to the bus terminal, having looped around Mount Pierścienica.


Points of interest along the trail:

  1. Pierścienica - forests, hills, park area
  2. Recreational facilities of the Forest Stadium - tennis courts, athletics stadium, ropes course, playground, etc.
  3. Biesak-Białogon Nature Reserve

Not all fragments of the trail are suitable for bicycles with panniers/bike trailers. The trail is separated from the traffic, only safe cycling through public roads, separate bike trails and roads excluded from car traffic, dirt roads, forest roads and others. A trail for lovers of mountain biking and off-road cycling.


Starting point:

Kielce, bus terminal at Obrzeżna street

Finishing point:

Kielce, bus terminal at Obrzeżna street

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