Forest Route in the City - Black Trail Around Pierścienica Mountain

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distance(km) height n.m.m.
11.6 km
for whom
For lovers of mountain biking
for intermediate
1.43 %
Highest point
315 m
Lowest point
251 m
Sum of driveways
162 m
Sum of downhill
168 m
High slope sections
Connected with GreenVelo
Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Area
Kielce, Al. Na Stadion, miejsce odpoczynku szlaku Green Velo przy parkingu
Kielce, Al. Na Stadion, miejsce odpoczynku szlaku Green Velo przy parkingu

The "Forest Trail in the City" Bike Trail, a bit longer than 10 kilometres, was marked out by the Kielce Forest District around Mount Pierścienica in the vicinity of the Leśny Stadium and the ski slope, in the southern part of Kielce.

The trail starts and ends at the parking lot in Aleja Na Stadion avenue, next to the rest area and the stylized bench of the Green Velo trail. In addition, the route can be reached from the Dymin District side - from Ściegiennego street (national road no. 73).

The route is signposted in black, a bicycle icon with a maple leaf symbol, and runs almost entirely on forest roads. Dedicated to young MTB cycling enthusiasts, it is a light but off-road bicycle trip offered for the whole family. On the trail, there are some interesting sights, and you can also relax at the forest stops or take advantage of catering facilities at the ski slope.

The trail mostly contains unpaved forest roads, crisscrossed by roots, sometimes rocky. For this reason, only mountain bikes should be used on use this trail. The trail may be used to train before competitions or as a site for outdoor off-road cycling. The trail runs alongside the Biesak - Białogon Nature Reserve and several memorial sites located in the woods near Kielce. On the trail there are rest areas, equipped with wooden bicycle stands. The entire area is protected as a landscape park.

The trail loops around the top of Mount Pierścienica, one of the hills of the Posłowice range surrounding the city of Kielce from the south. The area has been used for years for tourism and recreational purposes. Nearby is the Leśny Stadium, a complex of sports, recreational and catering facilities that perform the function of a suburban park. Once there was a ski jump on Mount Pierścienica, now there is a ski slope with a length of 500 meters and a height difference of 58 meters, equipped with a ski lift. The area next to the ski slope can be the trip destination. There are some catering outlets and restaurants there, and the facility is cyclist-friendly. There are also attractions for small cyclists, including a playground etc.


Points of interest along the trail:

  1. Pierściennica - forest complex, landscape park
  2. Recreational area of ​​the Municipal Stadium and the surroundings of the ski slope
  3. The Biesak-Białogon Nature Reserve - a quarry in the forest
  4. National memorials

Not all fragments of the trail are suitable for bicycles with panniers/bike trailers. The trail runs only on roads without road traffic or on local roads with a low and very low volume of road traffic; no dangerous intersections. A trail for lovers of mountain biking and off-road cycling.


Starting point:

Kielce, Al. na Stadion, the rest area of the Green Velo trail at the parking lot

Finishing point:

Kielce, Al. na Stadion, the rest area of the Green Velo trail at the parking lot

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